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Splashtop’s educational solutions have been deployed in classrooms across the world. The reviews are in and educators are praising Splashtop for its ability to improve learning environments and increase engagement between teachers and students. Find out what our customers are saying and see their success stories.

Our Customers

What Our Customers Are Saying

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    "With limited classroom budgets we cannot afford to give each student an iPad. By using Splashtop Mirroring360 I am able to share some of the great educational apps that I have on my iPad. Not only can we can pass it around the room no matter where the student is seated, but we can also play educational games using different groups of students on each team. Love it!"

    Gary Norrington - 5th Grade Teacher, Henryville Elementary
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    "Splashtop’s Mirroring360 allows us to leverage our existing investment in classroom technology by wirelessly mirroring of our fleet of iPads to classroom displays. Using Mirroring360 in an instructional setting has shown a direct increase in engagement among our students. Its ease of use and low cost will allow us to make this available in every classroom in a responsible and cost effective way."

    Matt Penner - Director of Information and Instructional Technology, Val Verde Unified School District
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    "Splashtop Classroom enables our school to maximize blended, differentiated, and individualized learning opportunities through the effective use and application of our technology in and out of the classroom. We were absolutely thrilled to discover the dynamic ease and affordability of Splashtop Classroom. Not only does Splashtop help us integrate multiple different student devices and platforms (IOS devices, PCs, chromebooks, etc.) for classroom collaboration, it also opens a world of options for interactive teacher presentations beyond anything we have seen. Splashtop bridges the gap between hardware/software additions and real educational innovation."

    Jacob Voyce - Academic Dean, Fairfield Christian School
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    "Splashtop Classroom not only increases my instructional effectiveness, in that it allows me to roam the room as I teach, but it also increases student engagement, eases my workload, and makes my workday even more enjoyable. Effectiveness, Efficiency, Engagement, Ease, and Enjoyment- Splashtop is a 'multiple win situation.' It has become an indispensable and integral part of my everyday professional routine. I will never be tethered to a computer again!"

    Kevin Nerz, Ed.D. - High School teacher
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    "Splashtop Classroom allows our teachers to increase student engagement with or without a projector - also allowing students to take control and present their ideas from their own device. Splashtop also has the added benefit of allowing teachers and administrators to access their files and information from anywhere without having to return to the office and be chained to their desk."

    Darrin Tingey - Technology Director, Fremont Re-2 School District

Case Studies

Cornell University

“The advantage of this setup is that in four years I’m not stuck with a $100,000 piece of hardware. Instead, I just spin down my EC2 instance and push my image to a new piece of hardware on Amazon. It doesn’t cost me any more money and is available 24×7.”  View Full Case Study PDF

Andre Hafner – IT Director of the College of AAP
  • Managing the software licensing program increased administration workload and costs
  • Students could not afford to buy the required software nor the hardware to run it on
  • Existing VDI systems were too slow and expensive to use
  • Lack of flexibility with current collaboration solution
  • Reduced Cost: Significant savings were found when tying Splashtop access policies to software delivery servers
  • Student Self Service: From the lecture room, dorm room or library, software is available 24/7 on the students device
  • Higher Performance: Splashtop coupled with an Amazon hybrid cloud offers
  • Increased Engagement: Faculty and teachers can now share their work and ideas directly fro m their screens

Goshen College

“We believe that technology is a strategic tool for improving the way we teach, learn, deliver services, and operate the college. Splashtop gives our professors the best user experience.”
Goshen View Full Case Study PDF

Michael Sherer – Director of Information Technology Services
  • Inflexible presentation solution frustrated professors
  • Students access to faculty resources could compromise security
  • Increased complexity when students present at podium
  • Simple to use: Professors can now enter any lecture room and within minutes present using Splashtop with their device
  • Secure for IT: Active Directory group policies helped ensure faculty-only access to podium computers
  • Classroom Efficiency: Students can now click and mirror their screens without moving from their seats

Rotorua Boys’ High School

“Splashtop is a fantastic way to enhance and develop a collaborative environment in a modern school with mixed platforms – encouraging the effective use of technology for 21st century learning.”

Troy Shoebridge – ICT/Network Manager
  • Engaging students in the classroom was a challenge
  • Teachers were unable to tie interactive whiteboards to mobile devices
  • Student BYOD program was a challenge to support due to so many kinds of devices being brought into class
  • Internet bandwidth limited accessibility
  • Wow factor: Teachers and students can share ideas and documents easily and quickly
  • Extend existing systems: Teachers can use existing IWB tools with students by passing control
  • Support any device: Teacher iPads, student Android tablets and future devices can all be used
  • On-Premise: Splashtop runs internally to avoid external bandwidth issues – giving teachers a great user experience

Sidney Public School

“I’ve used Mirroring360 and it’s fantastic! ‘Connecting’ is so easy, and it’s great to not be tied down with cables.”
Sidney Public School

Donna Schluckebier, 3rd grade teacher
  • School network security settings did not allow iPads to connect using AirPlay
  • Teachers could only connect by using expensive adapters connected to their iPads
  • Teachers had to stop everything to disconnect cables to use the iPad for instruction. It turned many teachers off
  • Only one iPad could connect to the project at a time and didn’t allow students to connect and share what they had on their device
  • Teachers can now connect iPads effortlessly using Mirroring Assist with Mirroring360 – no messy network configuration needed
  • Mirroring360 licenses are 65% cheaper than the expensive adapters that were being used
  • Using the Mirroring Assist app, the connection is very fast and very reliable- no more messing with cables
  • Up to 4 devices can connect using Mirroring360, which gives the teacher more freedom during lessons plus allows students to share their work

Val Verde Unified School District

“Achieving seamless interaction with computers and iPads is a challenge. Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360 break through this barrier. Mirroring360 allows individual students to mirror their Chromebook screen on the main display. Splashtop Classroom then broadcasts the teacher’s screen to all student devices –inviting students to directly interact with the lesson. Seamless. Easy-to-use. Platform Agnostic. Splashtop covers it all.”
Val Verde View Full Case Study PDF

Matt Penner – Director of Information and Instructional Technology, CCTO
  • Teachers were stuck behind the desk and in front of the Interactive Whiteboard
  • Students 21st Century learning skills needed to be advanced further
  • Proprietary AV hardware was expensive to purchase and install in classrooms
  • Previous classroom products locked them into proprietary hardware
  • Greater Mobility: Teachers can now roam untethered from their desk – and can even teach from the back of the class – combining remote control with annotation tools
  • Improved Skills: Students are eager to present their ideas by mirroring their screen. Now they are both content creators and presenters!
  • Reduced Costs: Software-only approach eliminates purchasing expensive dedicated hardware and reduced installation costs
  • Device Agnostic: Supports iOS, Chromebooks, Android, Windows and Macs– protecting previous and future device investments

What educators are saying

Finding the right tool for engaging students and keeping teachers mobile can be a challenge in a one-to-one classroom. Splashtop Education products enables you to remotely control the lesson from anywhere in the classroom, annotate then share the content with everyone. Students can also mirror their iPads, Chromebooks, Macs and PCs to your computer.

by Class Tech Tips

Splashtop is a service that allows for all sorts of screen sharing. Want to show your iPad screen on your projector? Want to control your desktop computer from you iPad? Want your students to be able to control your desktop? How about having your students share their screens with the class. With Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360 all of this is possible, regardless of what classroom devices you have.

by The Ed Tech Roundup

I wanted to share my Chromebook screen with student PCs. Simple, right? Not so fast. Most choices proved to be unreliable, or incompatible. Mirroring360 is the best solution I have found to wirelessly share a Chromebook, iPad, or iPhone screen with any PC or Mac … I’ll pay out of my own pocket if I must!

by TechMan

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